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In order for each Wolf scout to earn their Wolf badge, they MUST complete all of the following achievements. If your scout was unable to attend a Den Meeting, please be sure to cover those achievements at home. The Wolf Badge is worn on the left pocket below the Bobcat Badge.
  1. Feats of Skill
  2. Your Flag
  3. Keep Your Body Healthy
  4. Know Your Home and Community
  5. Tools for Fixing and Building
  6. Start a Collection
  7. Your Living World
  8. Cooking and Eating - At Home
  9. Be Safe at Home and On the Street
  10. Family Fun
  11. Duty to God
  12. Making Choices
Wolf Achievement Details

To recognize a scout more frequently the Wolf and Bear scouts earn beads for "Progress Towards Ranks". A wolf scout will earn a yellow bead for each 3 achievements that he completes.


Electives can be started as soon as the scout enters the wolf den although Arrow Points will not be awarded until after he receives his Wolf Badge in the spring. After completing 10 electives, the scout earns a Gold Arrow Point. For each 10 electives after that, he earns a Silver Arrow Point. The Arrow Points are worn below the wolf badge.

Wolf Elective Details

Additional Links

Wolf Scout Resources (from Boy Scout Trail)
Wolf Cub Program (from Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook)
Cub Scout Leader Online Resources (from

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